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Handmade,Hand Woven 100% Natural Cotton "Fouta" Towel For Spa,Pool,Bath,Camping


100% Pure Natural Cotton


Hand Loomed with a very old style way


Our foutas are traditionnaly made our Tunisian Artisans using the finest quality natural COTTON,


They are tightly wovento become softer, smoother and more absorbent with each washing


The original of this article was in the Turkish Hammam (bath) as a towel since the 18 th century when the Ottoman Empire invaded Tunisia.


This Fouta was the MAIN item in the Hammam of the Bey's Palace


It absorbs water faster than regular towel and dries in less time than Regular one


It takes less space in your bag and your shelves

39 inc x 79 inc






Perfect choice for


Spa,Pools,Saunas,Gym,Beaches, Table cloth,throw

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